Environment Day Fancy Dress Competition Ideas for Kids

Earth is the only home that humans have. Humanity’s entire life support system depends on the well-being of all the¬†environmental¬†factors so it’s needless to describe the role environment plays in our lives.

Fancy dress on environment can be a way to say thank you for what we have or a way to raise awareness on undeniable truth that how much damage we are doing to environment. Here we will talk more on burning environment issues and ideas to spread awareness.

  1. Say No to Plastic
  2. Save Water
  3. Save Trees
  4. Global Warming
  5. Save Animals
  6. Air Population
  7. Water Pollution

Say No To Plastic

The hazards plastics pose are numerous. The land gets littered by plastic bag garbage presenting an ugly and unhygienic seen. The “Throw away culture” results in these bags finding their way in to the city drainage system, the resulting blockage cases inconvenience, difficult in maintaining the drainage with increased cost, creates unhygienic environment resulting in health hazard and spreading of water borne diseases. This littering also reduces rate of rain water percolating, resulting in lowering of already low water levels in our cities. The soil fertility deteriorates as the plastic bags form part of manure remains in the soil for years.


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